Student Success Center Opening

Student Success Center at Hill Hall Opens

The Student Success Center, located in the renovated Hill Hall, was designed to enhance student performance and support student success by consolidating a myriad of services in one location to create what can be referred to as an academic activities center.  Through University College and Lifelong Learning, students will be able to enhance their intellectual, professional and personal lives through academic guidance, comprehensive learning support services, and engaging professional development opportunities along with having access to assistance in other areas.

Student Success Center OpensThe $13.5 million project creates a one-stop-shop where students can receive academic support, mentoring, career development services and other educational opportunities such as international programs.  Even the design of the building supports individual and student groups learning outside of the classroom in a modern, convenient and welcoming environment that also includes technology support services.

The concept of consolidating these various areas will bring together the Academic Advising Center, the Language Arts and Writing Center, the Quantitative Skills Center, the Learning Resource Center, International Programs and the Career Development Services Office.  Whether a student needs help with writing an essay, wants to participate in an international studies program or is looking for an internship, assistance will be available in the Student Success Center.

The most important capital project on campus, the renovation of the 38,000 square-foot building was funded through financial support from corporations, foundations and individuals that augmented student fees and state funds from the university’s repair and renovation allocation.  Through the support of those who understood and believed in this project, the university will be better able to meet the needs of our students and to make a positive difference in their lives while they are on campus and after they graduate.

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