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Guide to Legal Documents

In an effort to assist the campus community with legal matters in an efficient, transparent, and responsible manner, the following guide has been created to help educate the campus while providing guidance about what to do and what to expect from the Office of Legal Affairs (OLA). If there are any questions, please contact OLA.

What is it…? What to do…? What Legal will do…
Subpoena This is an order of the court. It may command you to appear at a specified date, time and location to testify; or, a subpoena may command you to produce certain documents related to WSSU. Contact OLA immediately via email, and include a copy of the subpoena. Do not contact the issuer of the subpoena. OLA will review the subpoena to determine the University’s rights and responsibilities. Failure to respond to a subpoena could result in you or WSSU being held in contempt of court.
Public Records Request This is a request for information or records received in the course of WSSU business in whatever format (including photographs, emails, and recordings). An employee who receives a request directly from an individual should forward a copy of the Public Records policy to the requestor and share that the request must be made in writing to the General Counsel. OLA will gather the information, remove any privileged or protected information, and provide a response to the requestor.
Equal Employment
Opportunity Charge
This is an allegation of discrimination or retaliation that has been made to the Federal EEOC concerning WSSU and/or WSSU employees. Contact OLA immediately via email, and include a copy of everything received from the EEOC. Do not share it with others or contact the employee. OLA will share the Charge with the immediate supervisor and Vice Chancellor. Others named in the Charge may receive a redacted copy as OLA determines. OLA will gather information and respond to the EEOC. You may not be alerted to the outcome or settlement of the matter. To ensure fairness to the grieving party, you may not be called to participate in the actual EEOC process unless it is determined as a necessity by OLA.
Litigation Hold or Request for Information This document from OLA instructs you to gather, identify, and hold information. It should not be treated as an indication of a lawsuit or pending employment action. Respond to the Litigation Hold as soon as possible by identifying locations where information may be held. Do not contact anyone about the hold or request for information except OLA unless OLA directs otherwise (this includes the NC Attorney General). OLA may not be at liberty to share the underlying facts behind the litigation hold, but OLA will let you know when the hold has been released. You may not be alerted to the outcome or settlement of the matter.
Complaint/ Lawsuit This document is notification that a legal action has been commenced against WSSU. Contact OLA immediately via email, and include a copy of the complaint or lawsuit. Do not contact the attorney or sender of the complaint. OLA will review the complaint to determine the University’s rights and responsibilities. OLA will also manage the legal strategy and gather information to respond. You may not be alerted to the outcome or settlement of the dispute.