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103.3 - Employment of Temporary SHRA Employees

University Group Policy #103.3

I.  Policy Statement

This policy is established to create uniform guidelines for the employment of temporary employees and applies to all University departments hiring temporary staff. This policy is intended to comply with the Office of State Personnel regulations, as they may change from time to time, and where such policies conflict, the Office of State Personnel regulations will prevail.

II.     Definitions

A temporary SHRA employee is defined as any employee subject to the State Human Resources Act hired without expectation or commitment of continued employment whose duties are classified in accordance with the State of North Carolina classification system, as may be changed from time to time. A temporary employee may be hired to meet immediate or short term work assignments without advertising or EEO/AA monitoring.

III.    Guidelines

A temporary appointment normally should not exceed three to six months. Upon request, the Office of State Personnel shall approve a longer period of time. Such request, along with a justification, must be submitted to the Department of Human Resources. An extension request must be submitted fifteen (15) days in advance of the end of the approved period to prevent work disruption and to allow sufficient processing time. In no case shall the temporary employment exceed twelve (12) consecutive months. When a temporary employee has worked for twelve (12) months, he/she must be terminated from the University. A temporary employee that has been separated from the University after twelve or fewer months must have a one month break in service before the employee can be hired into another temporary appointment.

Prior to beginning work, a temporary employee must sign a statement that indicates his/her employment will be terminated at the end of twelve months of continuous employment. The appointment, however, may end any time prior to that date.


This policy does not apply to any student and retired employee. A student is exempt from the twelve months maximum limit. A retired employee is one who receives a retirement income and/or social security benefits. A retiree may have temporary appointments for more than twelve months if they sign a statement confirming that they are not available for nor seeking permanent employment. In extraordinary circumstances, and upon the prior written approval of the divisional Vice Chancellor, temporary employees may be authorized to work overtime in order to perform duties that are essential to departmental operations and for which there are no alternative solutions.

IV.     Applicability

The policy applies to all University departments hiring temporary staff.

Responsible Division: Vice Chancellor and Chief of Staff

Authority: Board of Trustees


  • Adopted: June 6, 2014