301.3 - Academic Probation and Suspension

University Group Policy #301.3

Policy Statement

In order to graduate from Winston-Salem State University, a student must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0.


Academic probation is the condition that allows students to continue their enrollment at Winston-Salem State University after failing to meet minimum academic standards as calculated at the end of each semester and at the end of each summer session.


Additionally, minimum GPA requirements have been established for students to continue in good academic standing. To remain in good academic standing, a student must maintain a cumulative GPA, from grades earned at WSSU, as follows:

0-15 ≥1.70
16-29 ≥1.80
30-59 ≥1.90
≥60 ≥2.00

Failure to remain in good academic standing will automatically place students on Academic Probation for the following semester.

Students placed on academic probation and those for whom current suspensions were rescinded are required to adjust their current semester schedules to:

  • Repeat courses in which grades of F have been earned at WSSU if the courses are being taught that semester
  • Repeat courses in which grades of D have been earned unless excused by their academic advisor
  • Register for a maximum of 13 semester hours
  • Meet with a Retention Counselor regularly to receive one-on-one guidance and support. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in immediate suspension.
A student may stay on Academic Probation for a maximum of two semesters. A student must attend Winston-Salem State University to remove the condition of Academic Probation. Therefore, transfer credit cannot be used to clear a probationary status. Students should refer to the progression policies in their disciplines (especially in the Health Sciences), and ROTC participants should contact the Military Science Program for additional rules that apply to them.

Academic Suspension

Failure to meet the required GPA after two consecutive semesters of Academic Probation will result in Academic Suspension from WSSU for a period of two regular term semesters (Fall/Spring or Spring/Fall).

Suspension will also result if any of the following occur:
  1. A student receives a grade of F in all courses attempted in a semester beyond the first semester at the university;
  2. A student falsifies his/her application

Students who have been suspended for earning all Fs in one semester may appeal through the Suspension Appeal process.

A student who has been suspended may take courses during the summer session at WSSU in order to improve the GPA. A student cannot use transfer credit, however, to clear the suspension. After completing the suspension period, a student may reapply for admission. If the student is readmitted and continues with a GPA below that which qualifies for good academic standing, then the student is considered to be on Academic Probation and again has two semesters to address the GPA.

Students placed on academic suspension for a second time will be suspended for a period of three (3) consecutive academic years. After the three year suspension, the suspended student may apply for readmission and may be eligible to benefit from the Academic Forgiveness Policy.


This policy applies to all Winston-Salem State University students.

Responsible Division: Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Authority: Board of Trustees


  • Approved: October 17, 1992