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303.16 - Graduate Transfer Credits

University Group Policy #303.16

I.  Policy Statement

Graduate student may apply for the transfer of graduate level coursework from another institution. The graduate level course work must be approved by the coordinator/chair or other authorized departmental official and must be earned at a regionally accredited institution. The transfer credit requirements for each degree program are defined in the Graduate Catalog or within that department but may not exceed 20% of the credit course hours in a master’s degree program.

II.    Guidelines

No credit hours completed as part of an earned graduate degree can be counted toward a second master’s degree. To apply for transfer credit, the student must submit an official transcript(s) from the institution where the credit was earned. The student is responsible for obtaining the official transcript and no request for transfer credit will be considered without an official transcript. The general guidelines for the number of transferred credits allowed are:

Number of Transfer Hours that May Be Allowed from Other Regionally Accredited Institutions

  • For a 30-33 hour graduate program, only 6 semester hours are allowed.
  • For a 36-39 hour graduate program, only 7 semester hours are allowed.
  • For a 42 hour graduate program, only 8 semester hours are allowed.
  • For a 45-48 hour graduate program, only 9 semester hours are allowed.
  • For a 51-54 hour graduate program, only 10 semester hours are allowed.
  • For a 57 hour graduate program, only 11 semester hours are allowed.
  • For a 60 hour graduate program, only 12 semester hours are allowed.

Transfer credits over five years old from other universities will not be accepted toward a degree program at WSSU. All course content over six years old must be recertified in a manner established by the program and approved by the Graduate Council. Such methods of recertification may include but are not limited to completion of additional coursework,comprehensive examinations of the current program content, evidence of continuing professional education, additional research papers, or reports related to the current program content. A letter describing the method(s) of recertification must be submitted to the department chair at the time of the request for program extension. The outcome(s) of the recertification must also be submitted to the dean of the college or school prior to student graduation or any additional requests for extensions. The decision of the dean is final.

III.     Applicability

This policy is applicable to graduate students at Winston-Salem State University.

Responsible Division: Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic & Student Affairs

Authority: Board of Trustees


  • Adopted March 18, 2011