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303.2 - Continuous Registration for Thesis/Projects

University Group Policy #303.2

I.  Policy Statement

When students in graduate degree programs begin their thesis/projects, they are required to maintain continuous registration during the fall and spring semesters for thesis or project until the work is completed. Students must consult with their graduate program regarding the requirements for summer enrollment, or an exception to continuation registration. Continuous registration begins the semester that approval for the thesis or project is received. Students who exceed the required number of hours without completing their work should register for their departmental designated continuation course until the thesis or project is completed. International students on F-1 visa status must remain continuously registration until the thesis or project is completed.

II.     Applicability

This policy is applicable to graduate students at Winston-Salem State University.

Responsible Division: Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic & Student Affairs

Authority: Board of Trustees


  • Adopted December 9, 2011