Super User Zones

Name Department Area of Responsibilities
Tarina Whitfield OIT-WSS Administration, Student Life, all non-designated areas
Kelly Fei OIT-WSS Backend Coding
Laura Huff OIMC Marketing Level Pages (i.e.Our Programs), 
Emergency Management
Jay Davis OIMC News and Events, Emergency Management
Ashlea Jones OIMC News and Events
Mary McComb OIMC Marketing Level Pages
Ginny Moench IAR Assessment & Research
Jamesina Woodyard CASBE The College
Ian Hertz O'Kelly O'Kelly Library
Charles Parrott UCALL & GE UCALL & General Education
Ebony Pritchard SOHS School of Health Sciences
Cindy Strine UREC University Recreation
Christopher Wendt SOHS - Physical Therapy - Biodynamics Lab Physical Therapy
Troy Gray Wellness Center Wellness Center
Richard Alford Police & Public Safety Emergency Management, General
Stephanie Garrett Police & Public Safety Emergency Management
Cathy Hoots Enrollment Management Admissions, Registrar, Financial Aid
Alvita Byers BRIC Biomedical Research and Infrastructure Center
Endia Beal CASBE Diggs Gallery
Austin Grier Audit, Risk, and Compliance Audit, Risk, and Compliance
Eli Collins-Brown CITI Centers for Innovation in Teaching and Instruction
Tiffany Turner Legal Affairs Legal Affairs
Allonda Hawkins CSEM Center for Study of Economic Mobility