New Faculty Development Series

The purpose of the new faculty development series is to introduce faculty members (targeted towards those who have been at the university 1-3 years) to discussions about teaching, research, and engagement, and to facilitate their successful transition to the WSSU community.

·Participants will meet at various times during the academic year.Faculty Development
·The development series offers conversational forums where new faculty
 members can discuss issues ranging from classroom management, research
 development, to promotion and tenure.
·We hope these conversations will create the opportunity for newer faculty to
 improve their teaching and develop long-lasting friendships with new faculty

Mid-Career Faculty Development Series 

The purpose of the mid-career faculty development series is to provide knowledge and skill building workshops to WSSU senior faculty on topics such as:

·enhancing pedagogy skills;Career Development
·increase knowledge and utilization of the scholarship of teaching and learning
·managing conflict productively;
·senior faculty leadership development;
·career mapping;
·communicating effectively; and
·developing productive partnerships

Small-group sessions focus on mentoring participants’ strategic thinking about career development and offer a supportive forum to discuss issues relevant to teaching.

Special Topic Series

CETL offers a series of workshops on special topics. Each session offers an intensive, in-depth and interactive discussion of a single topic related to pedagogy. Workshop content seeks to draw upon best practices and promising practices designed to assist faculty to enhance student learning through teaching and scholarship.

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