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Here’s your chance to use CSEM’s data

Since Winston-Salem State University’s Center for the Study of Economic Mobility launched three years ago, one of our bedrocks has been putting our research before the public. We continue that mission with our new data hub page.

Here, on one easy-to-use site, journalists and the rest of the public can find a wealth of information on residents who use the local bus system to commute to work, and performance data on the local school system and schools statewide. Local school data includes that of student access to technology. There are also the surprising results of a survey that CSEM commissioned in 2017 on the health, hopes and beliefs of East Winston-Salem residents. Finally, there is much data from Forsyth County Census tract estimates on demographics; household size, renters and owners; income estimates; special populations; mobility rates and sprawl; and eviction rates.

CSEM Director Craig Richardson said, “CSEM houses and uses these datasets with goal of empirically understanding the various causes and consequences of low upward mobility rates in Forsyth County. The datasets are open to the community upon application to CSEM’s website.”

CSEM Research Manager Zach Blizard, who built the hub, said, “As CSEM continues to work on a variety of different projects, a greater number of datasets will be created and stored in the database. Recognizing the importance of using data and empirical evidence to scientifically test hypotheses on challenges facing our community is key to finding solutions to complex questions. Ultimately, we hope these datasets will enable qualified community researchers to have access to a treasure trove of information.” Check out the Data Hub page.