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Welcome new Rams!  You are about to embark on an exciting journey!  Ramdition is your weeklong immersive introduction to WSSU and to college life.  Ramdition is filled with informative and engaging activities that prepare you to thrive in your first year.

This Four-Part Ramdition Pre-Assignment will allow you to:

  • Educate yourself on important topics before arriving on campus.
  • Access resources that can help you make informed decisions about majors, coursework, extracurricular activities, and community involvement.
  • Come up with relevant questions to ask when you arrive.

Please browse the Ramdition webpage, which gives you a wonderful introduction to your Ramdition and First Year Experience. 

Assignment #1: Read the "Freshman 15"

  • WSSU Freshman 15:  Ways to Prepare for Freshman Ramdition is written by a former freshman who shares valuable wisdom about beginning your journey at WSSU and how to get the most out of Ramdition.
  • After reviewing the blog, create your own unique list of what you would like to learn while attending Ramdition.

Assignment #2: Check Out the Ramdition Webpage

  • Review Ramdition highlights
  • Watch the “Welcome to the Ramily” videos
  • Find out more about your First Year Experience (FYE)
  • Learn about Legacy Leaders
  • Follow WSSU Twitter
  • Engage with current students, Legacy Leaders, alumni, faculty, and staff

Assignment #3: Learn About General Education

  • Review WSSU General Education.
  • Now, in your own words, describe what you believe General Education is and the value of it.

Assignment #4: Explore Areas of Study & Majors

  • Navigate to the Academic Programs web page and explore the areas of study that WSSU offers you.
  • After reviewing the various areas of study, identify three majors in which you may have an interest.