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UpSwing is an online tutoring and coaching platform is available to students 24/7.  All tutoring in UpSwing is free to any currently-enrolled WSSU student.  There is a time limit for using UpSwing, which is 3 hours each month

  • You can access UpSwing for tutoring in any subject as well as in writing and communication.
  • You can submit papers for review and a tutor will respond within 48 hours.
  • Your appointments will be with professional subject and writing tutors employed by UpSwing.
  • Students are limited to a total of 3 hours a month of services with tutors employed by UpSwing.
  • Students who surpass the 3-hour limit of using UpSwing can access services from WSSU Subject Tutors.

Watch this how-to video about getting started with UpSwing 

Directions for Making an Appointment

  1. Visit the North Carolina Virtual Success Center
  2. Select Winston-Salem State University
  3. Login using your WSSU ID and password
  4. Search for subject or coach and make an appointment to either start immediately or meet later at your convenience.
  5. Need help? Watch the how-to video about getting started with UpSwing

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