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Course Requirements

The Clinical Laboratory Science degree is a combination of North Carolina General Education, CLS Pre-Professional, and CLS Professional course requirements. The General Education and Pre-Professional courses may be taken together. Your adviser will provide you with a list of the courses you are lacking towards your CLS degree after your course transfer process has been completed by the Office of the Registrar.

North Carolina General Education Course Requirements

Graduates from a college or university with a bachelor's degree from any state, or an associate of arts (AA) degree or associate of science (AS) degree from North Carolina, are exempt from the WSSU General Education course requirements. Graduates with an associate of applied science (AAS) degree from a N.C. college or university or AA or AS degree graduates from states other than N.C. are required to complete the general education course requirements.

Pre-Professional Class Requirements

In several cases a Pre-Professional course can be used to meet both the Pre-Professional and General Education requirements simultaneously.

Pre-Professional Course Requirement List 

CLS Professional Class Requirements

Check with your adviser before registering for the CLS professional phase courses as some of these courses have prerequisites. CLS 4404 Methods and Procedures cannot be taken until your last semester in the program. CLS 4102 Seminar course cannot be taken until you have completed CLS 4201, Intro to Research. Intro to Research cannot be taken until you have completed your clinical courses. 

Professional Course Requirements List