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Distance Learning - Non-Profit Leadership Certificate

The Non-Profit Leadership Program at WSSU offers an innovative curriculum that prepares students to become the next generation of nonprofit leaders. This Internet-based certificate program of 18 semester hours offers learners the opportunity to develop and sharpen the leadership knowledge and skills that underlie the success of non-profit organizations.  The program provides an overview of non profits and background knowledge of the psychology of groups being served by non profits, as well as knowledge of basic business functions relevant for non profits—management, marketing, accounting and information systems. 

The non-profit leadership certificate program is online and can be completed in 12 months. Following the completion of all coursework is a required internship experience in a non-profit organization. While the learner registers for an online course for tracking purposes, the learner participates in a face-to-face experience to satisfy the requirements of the internship.  

To enroll in the certificate program, students must possess a bachelor's degree.  To receive the certificate, students must complete the required 18 semester hours of the program. Possession of the Bachelor's degree permits waiver of all course prerequisites for this certificate program; students are expected to be prepared for the courses where prerequisites have been waived. 

The courses in the program are:

Course ID Course Name Semester Hrs Offered
SOC 3360 Issues in the Non-Profit Sector 3 Fall & Spring
PSY 3302 Psychology of Adolescence 3 Fall & Spring
MKT 3303 Fundamentals of Non-Profit Marketing 3 Fall
ACC 3101 Fundamentals of Non-Profit Accounting 1.5 Fall
MGT 4387 Leadership: A Practical & Theoretical Approach 3 Spring
MIS 3102 Managing Technology in the Non Profit Environment 1.5 Spring
BUA 4391 Business Internship 3 Fall,Spring,Summer
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For more information contact the distance learning coordinator:

     Dr. Pronobesh Banerjee

Winston-Salem State University

601 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive

Winston-Salem, NC 27110

Phone: (336) 750-2000

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