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Since India became independent in 1947, the status of women in society has improved significantly. Important changes can be seen in civil rights, employment opportunities, increased education and higher rates of literacy. Despite these gains, women’s lives are still largely determined by the context of the family, religion, cultural norms, and expectations, and face many gender-based challenges.

Center for Social Research
A non-governmental organization in New Delhi for women and girls in India.

Center for Women’s Development Studies
An autonomous research institute supported by the Indian Council for Social Science Research.


Feminism in India
A bibliography on gender and feminism in India, as well as information on leading Indian feminists.

Harvard Gender Violence Project
Provides information and resources on gender violence and promoting gender equality in South Asia within a global context.

National Commission for Women
Supports constitutional and legal safeguards for the improvement of women’s status, and advises the government of India on all policy matters affecting women.

Status of Women in Indian Society
Historical overview of human rights and the status of women.

UN Women's Office for India, Bhutan, Maldives and Sri Lanka
Information and resources on women and gender issues in India and other South Asian countries provided by the UN Women office based in India.

Women Unlimited
A non-profit trust associated with Kali for women, India’s first and independent feminist press.

Zubaan Books
An independent feminist publishing house based in Delhi.