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India’s physical location, features and geography interact closely with its population patterns as well as cultural, political, and historical characteristics and diversity. Here are a few sites that provide an overview and insights.

Association of Municipalities and Development Authorities (AMA)
This organization addresses issues relating to urbanization, urban development and urban governance, as well as interaction between the state, municipal bodies and urban development authorities.


Census of India
A comprehensive source of data and information on India’s population and human settlement patterns and characteristics.

Geography and Indian History

A monograph on the influence of geography on Indian history.

India Geography
A description of landforms and rivers.

Asia - Human Geography
Gives an overview of India as part of the Asian continent.

Geography of India
An overview from 3D Geography Web site based in the United Kingdom.

Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS)
A national education institution committed to the equitable, sustainable, and efficient transformation of Indian settlements.


Images of India
Links to geographical resources on teaching about India from the Geographical Association of the UK.

Institute of Indian Geographers (IIG)
The IIG strives to promote geographical knowledge through research, teaching, and other activities related to the earth and its environment.

National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA)
An organization that advances inter-disciplinary research, capacity building, knowledge management, and policy making on issues relevant to cities across India.

World Resources Institute India (WRI India)
A research organization that focuses on action related to the interconnectedness of the environment, economic opportunity, and human well-being