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Student Success Center
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Room 330

Computerized Placement Tests

Computerized Placement Tests (CPTs) assess knowledge, abilities, and readiness for college-level courses. Students performing below established score standards must enroll in one or more of the following developmental courses (varies according to test completed and performance).

  1. Reading 1311 (Reading and Study Skills) - Course to enhance reading competency.
  2. English 1300 (Introduction to College Writing) - English foundations course or college-level English course.
  3. Mathematics 1306 (Basic Algebra) - mathematics foundation course or Mathematics 1311 (College Algebra) college-level math

Credit hours for these courses do not count towards graduation requirements; however, the aforementioned courses do count towards class standing and financial aid eligibility.

Should you need additional information regarding placement testing, please contact the University College and Lifelong Learning Testing Center at 336 750-2390.

Scheduling Testing Sessions

University College and Lifelong Learning will provide you with the following times for testing.

Days Times Check-in Location


9:00 a.m. or 1:00 p.m.
(by appointment only)

Student Success Center at Hill Hall, Room 330

Please call (336) 750-2390 to reserve your session.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Winston-Salem State University participates in CLEP, a national program of credit-by-examination that offers students an opportunity to earn college credit by examination. CLEP offers two types of tests: General Examinations and Subject Examinations.

University policies regarding CLEP are as follows:

  • WSSU does not award credit for General Examinations.
  • Students may earn a maximum of (36) semester hours of CLEP credit for subject examinations.
  • WSSU recognizes the right of each academic department to determine the maximum number of additional credits to be earned via challenging examinations.
  • Credit by examination cannot be used to meet the 30-hour residency requirement.
  • A CLEP score may not be used for course credit once a student has earned a grade in that particular course.
  • You must wait six (6) months to retake any CLEP exam.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

The Test of English as a Foreign Language is required to be taken as part of the admissions process by the majority of international graduate and undergraduate applicants.

Admission for all undergraduate programs require a score of 550 (paper/pencil test) or 213 (computer-based test).

Most graduate programs require a TOEFL score of at least 550 (paper/pencil test) or 213 (computer-based test). Some graduate programs require a higher score.

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