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faculty advisor definitionASC definitiionProper academic advising, along with institutional support and resources, are vital to your success. Whether you are a first-year student just beginning your collegiate academic experience, a transfer student joining us from another institution, or a continuing student embarking on upper-level major courses, effective guidance in navigating college life can mean the difference between timely graduation and falling short of your academic goals. We are here to help!

Winston-Salem State University takes a "two-pronged" approach to assisting its students reach their academic potential by assigning each student both a faculty advisor and an academic success counselor upon entering the university. In addition, the university Class Deans serve as an extended level of support in assisting with academic issues. The faculty advisor is able to provide you advice on course and curriculum choices, both prior to your completion of the General Education course requirements (pre-major advisor), and once you have entered the major of your choosing (major advisor).

  • What options do I have in choosing courses that cover various topics and themes that interest me, while satisfying the required Areas of Knowledge, Learning Outcomes, and Curricular Themes in General Education?
  • How do I go about changing my pre-major or my declared major? What happens to the pre-requisite major courses that I have already taken?
  • Which elective courses would benefit me most in the career path that I have chosen?

These are just a few examples of the types of questions that your faculty advisor can answer for you. Your faculty advisor will have office hours available for you to meet one-on-one to help you make the best academic choices. To find out who your faculty advisor is, take a look at the instruction sheet for Banner advisor look-up.

So what's an academic success counselor? Housed in University College and Lifelong Learning, academic success counselors (ASCs) are "problem solvers"-- staff members take pride in connecting you to valuable learning resources and providing you assistance in challenging situations, such as:

  • I have just received a scholarship... how do I go about applying it to my tuition?
  • I would like to pursue a Study Abroad opportunity... where do I start?
  • I'm in danger of failing a class... how do I get tutoring help?
  • I have received a notice of academic warning/suspension... what do I do now?
  • I've been "SAP'ed"... what does that mean and how do I handle it?

In addition to helping the general population of students, each of UCaLL's academic success counselors are assigned to a special population of students and are able to assist in meeting the specific needs of each of those student groups. Visit our academic success counselor staff page.

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