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A Message from the Chancellor

Chancellor Donald J. Reaves

For more than one hundred years, Winston-Salem State University has provided access to education for young people who otherwise would be denied that opportunity. Historically black colleges and universities, including ours, have contributed significantly to the economic and social empowerment of African Americans in this country.

We can take pride in knowing that we have also had a tremendous generational effect as the number of legacies among our alumni continues to grow. Yet, we still see that many of our students are the first in their families to attend a university. We are hopeful that their experiences and their success will serve as a catalyst for future generations to take that important step toward a college diploma.

While we honor, appreciate and support the legacy of HBCUs, we also must acknowledge that social, political, cultural and other changes will require HBCUs, including WSSU, to re-examine everything we do.

Because the students who would traditionally attend an HBCU have so many more options today, we must work harder to recruit those students who are equipped to face the academic rigors found on a college campus. We must have programs that are challenging and the academic support needed to help them thrive and perform at a high level.

In keeping with its commitment to provide access to a college education, WSSU will also assist those students who are not adequately prepared to succeed at a four-year college by fostering stronger collaborations with community colleges.

We also must acknowledge that the world our graduates will face continues to change at a rapid pace. No longer will teaching just a body of knowledge suffice. Our students must be armed with the skills necessary to deal with the constant changes in technology, science, society and the global community if they are to be competitive in a knowledge-based economy.

This Strategic Plan is designed to support our students in achieving academic distinction. All of the goals of the Plan are critical to our one over-riding objective — the success of our students.

As we implement the Plan over the next five years, we will build on our past as we transform the University to ensure its success in the future. While realigning curriculum and resources to support our goals and objectives will require a tremendous effort, we believe the outcomes will be worth it. We also hope that you will be there to support us as we strengthen Winston-Salem State University and, most importantly, prepare our students for a successful future.

Donald J. Reaves, Ph.D.

Winston-Salem State University

601 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive

Winston-Salem, NC 27110

Phone: (336) 750-2000

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