Office of the Chancellor

WSSU Strategic Plan 2010-2015

Strategic Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Academic Excellence

The institution will provide high quality, challenging programs that prepare graduates to lead and serve in their professions and communities.

Goal 2: Student Success

The institution will provide an affordable, quality education as well as an enriching environment that attracts, retains and supports a diverse group of students in achieving success.

Goal 3: Community Engagement

The institution will be recognized as a leading educational, economic and cultural partner that contributes to the human and social capital needs of the region, the State of North Carolina and beyond.

Goal 4: Efficiency, Effectiveness and Resources

The institution will provide efficient and effective systems, serve as good stewards of its physical, financial and human resources, and continuously improve its processes, procedures, and organizational structure to meet its goals.

Goal 5: University Culture and Pride

The institution will create and sustain an intellectual, collegial and diverse community that treasures its history, provides a supportive and safe environment, encourages the free exchange of ideas, and instills pride in the University.

Winston-Salem State University

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