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Community Service

The Community Service Committee (CSC) is responsible for identifying community service activities or initiatives on campus and in the surrounding community that are relevant to WSSU staff and shall coordinate staff participation in these activities. A strong emphasis is placed on Senate presence in and devotion to WSSU and the community.

CSC aims to partner with other institutional committees and organizations, campus and non-campus, to ensure we fulfill our part in placing a strategic emphasis on Social Justice, Leadership, and Community Engagement.

Strategic Goal 3: Build Commitment to Social Justice through Enhanced Community Engagement

Engagement in local and global communities by (staff) students and faculty will enhance student learning and provide knowledge resources that enhance the communities they encounter.”

~WSSU Strategic Plan 2016-2021

CSC Mission

The mission of the Community Service Committee of the Staff Senate is to support Winston-Salem State University’s community engagement and social justice initiatives/objectives and by upholding the University’s motto of “Enter to Learn, Depart to Serve” in the fullest capacity.

CSC Vision

Guided by our Motto “Enter to learn, Depart to Serve WSSU develops leaders who advance social justice by serving the world with compassion and commitment. The Committee will develop meaningful partnerships campus wide and within the local community; there by further promoting leadership, transparency, and collaboration of the Winston-Salem State University family.

CSC Motto

"1 Group…1 Team…1 Goal…Serve as 1 Community"

How can you help?
  • CSC encourages staff members to submit their service interests, needs, and ideas to the committee throughout the year by completing the CSC Big Idea Form. We ask that all suggestions be submitted in a timely fashion that will allow CSC to plan accordingly.
  • GET INVOLVED WITH CSC!!! Look at the current events/initiatives that are currently going on or on the horizon by viewing the CSC Event Calendar. Once you participate in a CSC event, your name will be added to the CSC Wall of Fame. See our event section for descriptions of events. If you don’t see anything you like, complete the CSC Big Idea Form, and let us know what events you would like to see.