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How to Encumber Contractual Services

In order to encumber (i.e., set aside for specific allocation) funding to support your project's secondary recipients' contractual services per your approved budget, the following process is required.

STEP ONE: Review instructions for completing the online Purchase Requisition Form at

STEP TWO: Complete the Purchase Requisition Form online at

STEP THREE: Print out a hard copy of the Purchase Requisition Form and obtain appropriate signatures.

STEP FOUR: Attach a copy of the fully executed subagreement (e.g., subcontract or consulting agreement) to the signed Purchase Requisition Form.

STEP FIVE: Submit the entire package to the Office of Contracts and Grants (C&G) for processing.  C&G will then forward to Purchasing.*


*Note: Purchasing offers a variety of training opportunities and tutorials (click on the link and scroll to the end of the page for more information). 

If your need for training is sooner than the training schedule allows, please visit Purchasing's practice/test page.

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