Ergonomics is the scientific study of people at work. Ergonomics can also be defined as an applied science concerned with designing in arranging things that people use so that people and things interact most efficiently and safely.

How does ergonomics affect me in the work environment?

Ergonomics has a direct relationship between how you fulfill your job task on a regular basis and the task at hand. Sound ergonomic practices have a direct and positive impact upon the efficiency with which you do your job. Likewise, poor ergonomic practices have a detrimental effect on how well you perform your assigned job task on a regular basis. These materialize in the form of musculoskeletal disorders or MSDs. Some examples are carpal tunnel syndrome, cumulative traumatic disorder, and such ailments as epicondylitis. The implementation and practice of sound ergonomic techniques can effectively avert the development of these and other related ailments. The key is knowing your “neutral posture” and how to attain and maintain it at work. Simple changes can place you in the correct position.

How does WSSU address ergonomic issues?

Employees can have an ergonomic assessment by simply requesting one.

How do I request and ergonomic assessment?

This can be done by using the form below or by contacting the EHS Department. Complete the basic form below and the Environmental Health and Safety Director, Aaron Leftwich, will contact you to establish your assessment appointment as soon as possible.

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