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Salary Advance

Responsible Office: Department of Human Resources

Scope: All employees of Winston-Salem State University.

Purpose: To provide guidelines for approving and processing salary advances.


Employee salary advances will be considered only in a limited number of situations.

Temporary Employees

Generally, the university will not provide salary advances to temporary employees in any status except in cases of payroll errors or salary errors. Temporary staff hired after the Department of Human Resources submission deadline for the temporary payroll will be paid on the next available payroll.

Permanent Employees

The University will not provide salary advances for any employee who is currently on the payroll except in cases of payroll errors or salary errors. In no case will the university provide a salary advance prior to a scheduled payroll date. Salary advances are only for salary/pay already earned.

The Director of Human Resources must approve the salary advance request before the Payroll Department can process it.