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Separation Workflow

Workflow is a Flexible Tool which Unites the Processes used in processing a personnel budget action by Gathering Information into one central location instead of having a paper form here and another paper form there, sometimes never to be seen again. Since the Workflow web form is an electronic form, it also Promotes Accountability by encouraging response to pending actions in a timely manner. Additionally, by Implementing a Digital Process we are allowed to Replace Paper. “Going Green,” decreases cost, increases effectiveness and efficiency.

Workflow promotes Accountability in several different ways:

By providing Proxy Support, you can designate a “second-in-command” who can enter and/or approve Workflow actions in your stead in the event that you are unavailable or unable to do so yourself. No more waiting until you can do it yourself!

By providing Timestamp coding and Tracking on every action, there is no more wondering, “Where is my personnel action form NOW?” Workflow provides a trail of electronic bread crumbs every step of the way. An email is generated to the hiring manager detailing each action that has taken place. If an action seems to be stalled you will now know exactly who to contact.

With Workflow’s Banner Integration, the personnel budget action process is much more streamlined: Consistent Procedures + Improved Productivity x Process Improvement = Improved Customer Service.

Workflow Webform  - Chair and Hiring Manager

Separation Workflow Email Path 

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