Legal Affairs

Policies and Procedures - Academics

Academic Forgiveness Policy
Academic Integrity Policy
Academic Policy on Leave of Absence Graduate
Administrative Separation and
 Retreat Policy

Administrative Withdrawal

Approval of Clinical Faculty
Approval of Faculty Evaluation
Athletic Drug Education Testing
 and Deterrence Program

Certificate Programs Policy
Class Attendance and Absence

Class Disruption Policy
Constitution of the Faculty and
 BOT Resolution

Continuous Registration for  Thesis/Projects Policy
Copyright Appendices
Copyright Use and Ownership

Course Load and Course of
 Study Policy

Course Loads Policy
Repetition of Course for Grade
 Replacement Policy

Credit By Examination Policy
Cross-Listing of Undergraduate  and Graduate Courses Policy
Denial of Enrollment Policy
Directed Study Policy
Double Major Policy
Emeritus/Emerita Policy
Export Controls Management  Plan
Extension of Time Policy
Faculty Constitution
Faculty Handbook 
Faculty Teaching Workload Policy
Good Academic Standing and 
 Satisfactory Academic Progress
Graduate Degree Completion
Graduate Degree Requirements  Policy
Graduate Degree Time Limit  Policy
Graduate Independent Study  Policy
Graduate Programs Grade Appeal  Policy
Graduate Suspension Policy
Graduate Thesis Requirements  Policy

Graduate Transfer Credits  Policy
Graduation Ceremony  Participation Policy
Grades and Grade Points Policy
Graduate Advisors Policy
Graduate Attendance Policy
Graduate Course Audit Policy
Graduate Course Substitution Waivers Policy
Honorary Degrees Policy
Improper Relations Policy
Independent Study Course Policy
Indirect Cost Policy
 Program Policy
Internship Policy
Involuntary Medical Withdrawal  Policy
Involvement of Students and  Employees as Research Subjects  Policy
Notification of Rights under FERPA
Official Method of Communication  Policy
On-Campus Residency Requirement  Policy
Patent Policy
Permission to Register for a Graduate  Course
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate  Programs Policy
Posthumously Awarding Degrees  Policy
Reading Period Policy
Registration Policy
Repetition of Course for Grade
 Replacement Policy
Research Misconduct Policy
Satisfactory Academic Progress
 for Continued Financial Aid Policy

Selected Topic Courses Policy
Standards for Scholarship Policy
Student Educational Records  (FERPA) Policy
Undergraduate Admissions Policy
Undergraduate Grade Appeal Policy
Undergraduate Withdrawals Policy
Visitors in the Classroom Policy


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