Course & Curriculum Renewal

Course & Curriculum Renewal


WSSU undergraduates are the central focus of the TSI. We endeavor to engage them intellectually in the classroom and to facilitate their success in their science courses. With this in mind, the TSI will soon launch a program that promises to renew our courses and curriculum by building upon some initial faculty success with utilizing evidence-based (i.e. proven and documented by peer-reviewed journal articles), active-learning (i.e. interactive and non-passive), student-centered (not instructor-centric) teaching practices.

The Course & Curriculum Renewal (CCR) effort will initially provide support for creative course and/or curricula redesign that improve student success in large enrollment introductory level science courses. These lower division courses are of particular importance because they serve as gateways to the science & other majors and impact our 1st year students at the critical stage of transitioning from high school to college.

Where students are challenged in this transition, CCR will also support the development of multiple pacing strategies for the delivery of introductory course content. This will give our students the opportunity to become immersed in the material over a longer period of time and will facilitate their mastery of core concepts that are so important for continued success in upper level courses.

More information on CCR will become available later this term. In the meantime, please find below useful WSSU resources, external resources, and examples of course redesign projects occurring at other universities.

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