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Passport Renewals

If you have a passport that is fifteen (15) years old or less, and meet the following criteria must renew by mail (form DS-82 Renew by Mail Application).

Passport Renewal Criteria: 

  1. Must submit your most recent passport.
  2. Must have been at least sixteen (16) years old when last passport was received.
  3. Your most recent passport issue date is less than fifteen (15) years old (this includes the ten (10) year validity of the passport).
  4. If your name has changed, you must submit proper documentation to reflect the name change such as marriage license, court order, etc.

Minors fifteen (15) years and younger cannot renew by mail but must reapply in person, and must submit their expired passport, a certified copy of their birth certificate along with two new passport photos, and the appropriate fees. If the minor is less than fourteen (14) years old, both parents must appear in person

For additional information, or to obtain forms, you may visit the U.S. Department of State web site, Travel.State.Gov.

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