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Enrollment Guide Financial Plan Worksheet

Financial Plan Worksheet Estimates

Worksheet amounts are estimates.

These amounts are subject to change for 2017-2018.

Estimated Bill (Per Year) In-State Out-of-State
Tuition 3,335.00 13,446.00
University Fees 2,469.16 2,469.16
Health Insurance Fee 2,222.00 2,222.00
On-Campus Room Rate 6,772.00 6,772.00
Meal Plan 3,380.00 3,380.00

Total Estimated Bill (Per Year) does not include the cost of books, transportation costs, and personal expenses.

You can estimate your financial aid award at: FAFSA4caster.

Estimated Financial Aid (Per Year) In-State Out-of-State
State Scholarships
External Scholarships
Total Estimated Financial Aid (Per Year)

The difference between the Total Estimated Bill (Per Year) and the Total Estimated Financial Aid (Per Year) is the amount you will need to pay.