Renaissance 3MP - Minority Male Mentoring Program

The WSSU Renaissance Program is designed to meet the needs of a targeted group of incoming underrepresented male freshmen and transfer students. The program will  focus on retention/academic readiness, mentorship, identity/self-esteem, leadership, community involvement and cultural enlightenment. At the same time, it creates an unwavering brotherhood that supports and expects academic excellence without excuse.


 • To retain students with a grade point average GPA of 3.0 or higher 
   through graduation
 • To engage the students in discussions, workshops, seminars and study 
   groups that promote academic excellence
 • To complement retention strategies set forth by WSSU
 • To develop and enhance essential characteristics needed to be conscientious, pragmatic and  
    honorable young men
 • To create a welcoming environment that encourages high achievement

PROGRAM DETAILS Renaissance Logo

 • Common living area in a residence hall
 • Bi-weekly engagement & enrichment sessions
 • Faculty, staff and student mentors
 • Undergraduate research opportunities
 • Variety of developmental campus resources


 • Must be a multicultural male
 • Must be enrolled full-time (12 credit hour minimum load)
 • Must agree to strive for academic excellence
 • Must be an incoming freshman or transfer student
 • Must live in space designated for the program
 • Must participate in associate programs, events and meetings
 • Must agree to release all academic info to Renaissance Program personnel
 • Must agree to uphold standards of good conduct and citizenship
 • Must agree to uphold standards of the Renaissance program
 • Must complete a Renaissance Program application
 • Must be interviewed by a Renaissance Program personnel 

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