Campus Activities Board

Campus Activities Board

The purpose of the Campus Activities Board (CAB) is to develop programs, while working towards the mission of OSA, involve students, alumni, faculty, and staff in the university to provide a premier education for its students through programming.

Campus Activities Board Programs

The CLDD is a single e-mail containing upcoming announcements and events for students. It serves as a comprehensive listing of events that groups and individuals seek to promote. 

CLDD Policy

The Campus Life Daily Digest will be submitted via email daily. It will serve as a comprehensive listing of events that groups and individuals seek to promote. There will be a format in which each announcement must be composed. We, Campus Life Administration, will also require each announcement to be received 24 hours in advance. This tactic will help to eliminate the number of announcements received by students, administrators, staff, and faculty members in their emails daily.

CLDD Format

1) Title of Event 5) Contact person, phone number, and email address
2) Location 6) One line description of event
3) Date 7) Send information to
4) Time

Biweekly posting of health issues faced by college students with descriptive insight on how to overcome the situation in a positive way.

Developed to inform the community on political issues facing hip-hop music and culture as well as to redirect negative views and stereotypes associated with hip-hop.

The Late Night and Weekend Program initiative was created in the need of alternative activities for WSSU students on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. These events include movie nights, karaoke, game nights, small themed parties (Halloween dress-up night), and other fun based events. The students are also treated to food and drinks and occasional prizes and giveaways.

The Red and White Youth Field Day is centered on allowing WSSU student leaders and community the opportunity to give back to the youth of Winston-Salem. This is accomplished through school supplies, leadership, and a day of food, fun, and entertainment.

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