Federal Work-Study Program

The Federal Work Study (FWS) Program provides funds for part-time jobs that allow students to earn money needed to pay for educational expenses. Unlike other financial aid programs, the Federal Work-Study Program provides you with an actual job (and a paycheck!) where you have to work to earn your money. In addition to the financial benefits, a Federal Work-Study job allows you to meet other students and network with faculty/staff and administrators. Students are encouraged to find positions that provide work experience in their field of study or provide valuable service to the community.  Positions are available both on and off campus. All FWS students must stop by Career Development Services, Student Success Center at Hill Hall Suite 210, to complete a Hiring Authorization Form  before you begin working. Please review and complete the steps to participate in Federal Work-Study. Once you have completed these steps, returning FWS Students can start work on August 24th and new FWS students can start on August 31st.

Steps to participate in Work Study:

    1. Student accepts the award in Banner
    2. Student visits Career Development Services and completes an online orientation
    3. Career Development Services verifies Federal Work
      Study award amount
    4. Student establishes work assignment (via RamTrak Job Post, word of mouth, previous assignment, etc.) and informs Career Development Services
    5. Career Services completes the top portion of the Hiring Authorization Form (Student’s Name, Award Amount, Hiring Dates, Term of Work Study, and whether the student is receiving work study for the first time or returning).  Career Development Services emails a PDF copy of the Hiring Authorization Form to student’s supervisor, student, and Financial Aid
    6. Student and Supervisor signs Hiring Authorization form and Supervisor emails it to Human Resources and Financial Aid via
    7. Human Resources emails student employment forms for
      student to complete and return to Human Resources during a scheduled “document
      intake session” 
      Document Intake Sessions are currently held on
      Wednesdays from 2pm to 4pm. In Room 113 of Eller Hall.
    8. Student turns all completed HR (Human Resources) forms to Human Resources during a weekly document intake session
    9. Human Resources notifies the Student and Supervisor by email that all paperwork is complete and student can begin work
    10. Student begins work assignment

Obtaining a Job

• A FWS award does not guarantee a FWS job! It is each student’s responsibility to obtain his/her
  FWS job

• In order to search for Jobs on campus you must be registered with RAMTrak.

• If you are looking for a FWS job, all positions have been posted in RAMTrak. Please do
   the following:

    • Go to Career Development Services
    • Click the RamTrak icon on the right of page
    • First-time users, select: Click Here to Register
    • All other users, simply login with your username and password (contact Career Development Services for assistance 336-750-3240)
    • Once you are logged in Click on Job Search
    • On the next screen select Work Study in the Position Type box
    • Click Search
    • Apply for positions as instructed in the application instruction section / or Contact the department listed to schedule an interview


• As a Federal Work Study student employee, you are expected to be prompt, reliable and

• You must adhere to the policies set by the department where you will be working.

• You will only receive FWS funds for the hours that you have actually worked. FWS students are
  NOT entitled to any unearned FWS monies

• Do NOT expect to be able to study during your scheduled work hours

• A student cannot work FWS and another job on campus

• Poor work performance can result in termination initiated by the department in which you work.

    • Adhere to your set schedule
    • Arrive to work on time
    • Contact your supervisor if you are running late or unable to work
    • Pay attention to details
    • Listen carefully to instruction
    • Maintain a positive, helpful attitude
    • Neat appearance/appropriate attire

Rate of Pay

  • All FWS workers on campus can earn $9.00 per hour
  • Students working off campus FWS through the Community Service Office can earn $10.00 per hour

Your work schedule

  • Your work schedule is arranged between you and your supervisor
  • A written schedule reflecting your work hours should be clearly defined at the beginning of each semester
  • You cannot work during your scheduled class meeting times, even if a class has been canceled by the instructor
  • Report to work promptly, and notify your supervisor in advance if you cannot report to work on time.
  • FWS student cannot work more than 20 hours per week
  • Maintain a record of your earnings to ensure that you do not earn more than your Awarded Amount of FWS
  • Students that earn the Maximum Amount to earn (the amount listed on your Financial Aid Award) prior to the end of the semester must stop working

Reporting time worked and payroll requirements

  • Submit time sheet (Web Entry) by the bi-weekly deadline for the hours worked, Monday at 12:00 am (Please see the bi-weekly pay calendar)

FWS 2015-2016 Start/Termination Dates

All Returning FWS Students: Fall 2015 and Spring 2016                              

Start Date: August 24th                               Termination Date: May 3rd

All Returning FWS Students: Fall 2015 Only                                                  

Start Date: August 24th                               Termination Date: December 11th

All New FWS Hires Fall 2015 and Spring 2016                                             

Start Date: August 31st                               Termination Date: May 3rd

All New FWS Hires Fall 2015 Only                                                                

Start Date: August 31st                               Termination Date: December 11th

All New FWS Hires Spring 2016 Only                                                           

Start Date: January 19th                              Termination Date: May 3rd

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