The Student Code of Conduct

Sanction Overview

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Interim Suspension-Temporary separation of a student from the campus when the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs believes such separation is necessary, or from a classroom when requested by a faculty member under the University's Classroom Disruption Policy:

Expulsion- Permanent Separation from the University that can only be removed by written petition to the Chancellor accompanied by supporting documentation for reinstatement. No petition for reinstatement made earlier than two (2) years from the date of the expulsion shall be considered.

Suspension - Separation from the University for a definite period of time which coincides with the official ending of an academic semester or summer session.

Disciplinary Probation- The loss, for a specified period of time, of designated social privileges. Designated social privileges include but are not limited to: Varsity sports, Intramural sports, Fraternities and sororities, Participation in student organizations, and Residency in University Housing.

Warning: An official reprimand provided in writing that advises of a student's need to conform the student's behavior to the Code of Student Conduct and further advises that any subsequent violation of the same nature by the student within a two (2) year period will automatically result in disciplinary probation.

Restitution: Reimbursement of any cost incurred as a direct or indirect consequence of the student's violation of the Code.

Community Service: Volunteer service to an on-campus department, division, faculty or staff member for a specific number of hours within a specific period of time.

Probation: Referral for substance abuse counseling, anger management or psychological counseling may be imposed in lieu of other sanctions with the approval of the student. Failure to comply with the terms of probation will result in imposition of the original sanction.

Complete description of sanctions are located in the Student Code of Conduct

(a) Sanctioning Guide

(b) Appeals Overview

Grounds For Appeal

1. The decision of a judicial body may be appealed upon the following grounds:

  • Procedural error sufficient to have altered the outcome of the hearing
  • Discrimination based on the student's membership in a protected class (race, creed, color, sex, national origin, physical disability or age over 40)
  • New, or newly discovered evidence previously unavailable
  • Excessive or inappropriate sanctions
  • Decision or judgment not supported or justified by the evidence

The student's notice of appeal must state at least one of the above grounds or it shall be dismissed without further action. The notice of appeal shall state the facts that support the request and the outcome desired.

2. An appeal to the Board of Trustees in the case of a suspension or expulsion or an appeal to the Board of Governors in the case of an expulsion is allowable only on the following grounds:

  • A violation of due process; or
  • A material deviation from Substantive and Procedural
  • Standards adopted by the Board of Governors.
  • Notice of appeal to the Board of Trustees or to the Board of Governors must be given within ten business days of receipt of the decision leading to the appeal.
Complete description of the Appeals process is located in the Student Code of Conduct

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