Housing and Residence Life

Safety & Security

Residence Hall Security

Each Residence Hall has a singular point of entrance that is secured with a swipe card access system.  Residents only of a particular hall have access to their hall.  Halls are staffed by student and professional staff as well as safety and security officer residence hall monitors.  Common spaces and emergency exits are monitored by security cameras.   

WSSU Police Department:Campus Police

The WSSU campus has a pedestrian friendly setting that is relatively crime free. Our community numbers more than 6,000 people with hundreds of visitors coming and going each day. WSSU Police stand ready to assist the campus community in any way possible. The Police Department is a full law enforcement agency organized under North Carolina General Statute 116. Officers have full law enforcement agency status with powers identical to those of a municipal policy agency on all WSSU property and streets running through and adjacent to the University.  In addition to police operations, the department also provides traffic, parking, environmental health and public safety services for the campus. Safety and security at WSSU is a team effort by faculty, staff and students. Faculty, staff and students can assist in keeping the campus safe by avoiding risky behaviors and by reporting suspicious behavior and/or situations to the Police Department.  Please call us whenever you see anything suspicious, if you feel threatened, have a safety concern or simply see a need for expanded police services to meet the community needs. 

WSSU Police Department is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day at 336-750-2900 or by using any of the emergency call boxes located throughout the campus. The Police Department is located in the Old Maintenance Building on Cromartie Street. 

Emergency Blue Box telephones are located throughout campus and use for those who need immediate attention. 



Students should enroll in RAMAlert our phone, text, and email emergency warning system.   

RAM Alert


How students can help themselves stay safe

  • Please refrain from propping open doors as it is a safety hazard. An open door is an invitation to non-students who don't have the best interests of the campus in mind.
  • Be careful who you open doors for. If someone beckons you to open a door, that usually means that they don't have their own access to the building. If they were invited, that means that the inviter was intending to open the door for their guest anyway.
  • Keep a watchful eye for your property and the property of your friends. An opportunity for quick cash can always be found in bookbags, laptops and other items left unattended. Also remember that the bookstore is always buying back books.
  • Lock your doors and keep your keys/access cards on you whenever leaving your room or your building. Nothing is more inviting to thieves than an open door to an empty room.
  • Respond appropriately to RamAlerts, fire alarms, and other safety notifications.


Fire Safety Tips 

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