Debra Diz, Ph.D.

Debra Diz PhD photoDr. Diz and colleagues have research programs focused on the cellular role of the angiotensin peptides and their receptors involved in growth, development of hypertension and biochemical signaling in vascular pathways. Dr. Diz is interested in the angiotensin - substance P interactions that participate in baroreceptor function. Her research has identified the neuroanatomical and transmitter pathways sub-serving angiotensin II actions in brain areas involved in baroreceptor reflex control of the circulation. Long-standing studies investigate neural and hormonal interactions in the kidney and alterations in responsiveness to angiotensin peptides in renal ischemia, hypertension and most recently during aging. The objective is to investigate the mechanistic relationship between the brain and kidney in the long-term control of arterial pressure and body fluid volume. Her lab explores the normal function of specific peptidergic systems that interact with cardiovascular reflex areas of the brain by examining actions of peptide transmitters at specific brain sites and by assessing neurotransmitter release.

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