MARC U*STAR Program Overview

The WSSU MARC U*STAR Program provides support for students who are members of underrepresented groups in the biomedical behavioral sciences to improve their preparation for high caliber graduate training at the Ph.D. level in biomedical and behavioral research.

MARC scholars must be honors students majoring in the biomedical or behavioral sciences such as biology, chemistry, molecular biology, or psychology and the more quantitative disciplines such as mathematical and computer sciences. These students must have expressed interest in a biomedical or behavioral research career and intend to pursue postgraduate education leading to the Ph.D., M.D.-Ph.D., or other combined professional degree-Ph.D., upon finishing their baccalaureate degrees. These federally funded programs are not designed for people who want to go to medical school, dental school, or any other professional school.

The MARC U*STAR Program offers two levels of student support: MARC U*STAR Scholar and Pre-MARC Scholar.


MARC U*STAR Scholars must have Junior or Senior classification (24 months or less until graduation) and a minimum 3.0 GPA cumulative and within major.

Scholars participate in:

  • extensive academic research (approximately 20 hours per week);
  • conference presentations;
  • seminar series, journal club, and ethics training,
  • and graduate school preparation.

Scholars also receive:

  • partial support for tuition and fees (60% of in-state tuition);
  • health insurance;
  • a monthly stipend
  • and travel to one scientific meeting annually.

Pre-MARC Scholar

Pre-MARC Scholars must have Freshman or Sophomore classification and a minimum 3.0 GPA cumulative and within major.

Scholars participate in:

  • introductory workshops in science, research and ethics;
  • academic and career advisement in the sciences;
  • special MARC U*STAR Program events;
  • and hands-on research experience

**Participants in the Pre-MARC program may be given priority consideration for joining the MARC program.**

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