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Project Strengthen

Project Strengthen

Project Strengthen is a university-wide program designed to provide basic research and advanced academic opportunities for faculty and students in health or health-related sciences. The basic concept is that an atmosphere of scientific curiosity, which research engenders, is a critical ingredient for a successful career in medicine, dentistry or the teaching profession in higher education. Students are given the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and develop the scientific attitudes that are the hallmark of leaders in the health-related sciences.

Project Strengthen sponsors weekly student meetings throughout the year, featuring guest speakers from professional schools, as well as recruiters for summer internship programs. Meetings are 10 AM - 10:50 AM, Wednesday, in Room 210 WB Atkinson Science Bldg. Refreshments are provided.

For more information about Project Strengthen, contact Dr. Donna Durham-Pierre, the Program Director, or Ms. Haysetta Shuler, the Program Coordinator.

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