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Student at the Lovre

Art majors visiting the Louvre Museum in Paris.

The Department of Art + Visual Studies provides an intensive education in the visual arts through a diverse and comprehensive curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Arts Degree. The study of the visual arts is an essential component of a liberal arts education. The department meets the needs of students working to become exhibiting artists, computer graphics and animation professionals, art teachers or scholars generally educated in the arts. It also prepares students for graduate school studies or for a wide range of career choices in art-related professions. Students major in Art with a concentration in Studio Art or Computer Graphics. An Art minor is also available.

The department serves non-majors by providing art, art history, and art appreciation courses to fulfill General Education requirements, and by making a large selection of courses available to all students wishing to pursue interests in selected areas of the curriculum.

The program supports excellence in teaching and fosters the aesthetic, intellectual, professional, personal and social development of its students. The curriculum balances the teaching of technical knowledge and skills with the development of critical, conceptual and creative abilities. Faculty members are well recognized professional artists, with a diversity of viewpoints and educational training that encourages students to investigate and appreciate different forms of art expression.

The Department of Art + Visual Studies is accredited by the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges (SACS).




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