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The minor program in dramatic arts (at least 18 semester hours) provides experience and training that enable students to develop an appreciation for and knowledge of theatre and how it is intrinsically connected to humanity.  Students have opportunities to participate in dramatic performances, including acting, directing, designing, and playwriting. They also gain experience with lighting and sound effects which contribute to their creative development. Equally important, the program enables students to participate in national and international organizations and attend conferences. Through dramatic arts, students are encouraged to excel in literary and creative expression and are supported and nurtured by scholars and professionals in the field

The following are the options for the minor:

DRA 2121 - Drama Guild

DRA 2306 - Introduction to Dramatic

DRA 2313 - Acting

DRA 3316 - Play Directing

DRA 3321 - Play Production

DRA 3326 - Playwriting

DRA 3341 - Studies in Drama

DRA 4331 - Modern Drama

Please see the course descriptions in the WSSU Undergraduate Catalog

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