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Bachelor of Arts in English

The course of study for the English major at Winston Salem State University (WSSU) has been structured similarly to programs offered at noteworthy universities. Our majors begin with six courses in World Literature, American Literature and British Literature, and then students move to advanced courses in Composition, Shakespeare, History of the English Language, Writing for Publication and Senior Seminar. Please see the WSSU Undergraduate Catalog entry for the Bachelor of Arts in English for more detailed course information.

The English major program complements all university programs directly and indirectly. It is in the English discipline that students gain competence in oral and written communication skills. Every student at every level of education needs effective oral and written communication skills and needs to be adept at analyzing diverse texts, proving how relevant and significant an English program is to a well-rounded, comprehensive education. For example, many non-major students take our writing courses to sharpen their writing skills, to increase their competiveness and marketability in the workforce and to prepare for law school. 

Although the obvious opportunities for English majors upon graduation include teaching, attending graduate school, or becoming a writer, many graduates excel in other areas. Because English majors have learned how to write, analyze material, and communicate effectively, and are trained to be effective problem solvers, they frequently work in sales, management, advertising, and other fields. English majors secure employment in program management, marketing, editing, reporting, creative and technical writing, public relations, medicine, social work, government work, non-profit organizations, and financial services. The kinds of textual analysis, writing, and thinking English majors specialize in enhance their creativity, their understanding of human motivation, and their ability to present clear and logical arguments, both in written and oral communication.

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