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Bachelor of Arts in Music

The Bachelor of Arts in Music is a non-professional degree that provides valuable undergraduate preparation for a variety of careers. The liberal arts degree affords the student the opportunity to pursue the study of music at the collegiate level and also to combine the study of music with an outside field. Additional undergraduate opportunities for study and a potential double major in the arts, humanities, social sciences and natural sciences are especially rich. The music major may include such diverse areas as cultural musicology, cognitive studies of music, and advanced technology for music. Although this is a non-performance degree, an audition is required as part of the application for admission.

Bachelor of Arts in Music

Musicianship Core (24 Credits)

MUS 3301 Music Theory I
MUS 3303 Music Theory II
MUS 4315 Music Theory III
MUS 4316 Music Theory IV
MUS 2390 Survey of Music Literature
MUS 3316 Music History I
MUS 3317 Music History II

Musicianship Electives (Choose 3 credits from below list, not exclusive, consult with your advisor):
MUS 1303 Music and the Movies
MUS 1304 Political Music
MUS 1305 Music and Poetry of Art Song
MUS 1306 Medieval to Modern Women in Music
MUS 1307 Psychology of Music
MUS 3305 Survey of Contemporary and Pop Music
MUS 2302 Afro-American Music 
MUS 3226 Instrumentation and Orchestration
MUS 3340 Non-Western Music

Performance Core (16 Credits)

4 Semesters of Applied Major Lessons (4 * 2 credits)
4 Semesters of Ensembles (4 *1 credit)
4 Semesters Piano (4 * 1 credits)

Electives (20 Credits)

Course Work (above the 3000 level)

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