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Music Business Concentration

The concentration in Music Business is designed for students desiring to specialize in some aspect of the music industry. It prepares students for specific areas of the music industry and allied fields (e.g., marketing, promotions, record sales, music production, etc.) Sufficient preparation to pursue the study of music at the graduate school level is also provided. A minimum of 40 semester hours is required in music courses. Additionally, students must choose a minimum of 18 semester hours from within the Music Business area. This program's key feature is the planning and execution of a senior project which is an ideal stepping stone to further education or to any career in which the individual is deepened and enriched by knowledge of music.

Optional Concentration in Music Business (18 Credits):
Course taken in lieu of the additional studies and free electives listed in the Bachelor of Arts in Music Degree.

MUS 3302 Overview of the Music Industry
MUS 3310 Electronic Music
MUS 4312 Studio Recording Techniques I
MUS 4313 Studio Recording Techniques II
MUS 4330 Senior Project

Music Business Elective 

(Choose 1 course from list below, not exclusive, consult with your advisor
ECO 2311 Principles of Microeconomics
MKT 3331 Principles of Marketing
MGM 3321 Principles of Management

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