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Bachelor of Arts In History

History is a systematic study of the human past in order to use that knowledge to help explain the complexity and diversity of human activities, affairs, ideas, and institutions. The discipline of history stresses research, analysis, and communication. In the History Program at Winston-Salem State University (WSSU), students are educated to recognize the vast and complex range of human experience throughout the centuries, and challenged to discover and explain patterns of continuity and change in relation to historical events and developments. The History Program offers a wide spectrum of courses in African American, U.S., European and wider world history; in the pre-modern and modern eras; in cultural, economic, intellectual, political, religious and social history; and in the specialized areas of applied history, diplomatic history, military, oral history, urban history, and the history of science.  At WSSU, a history major can pursue one of two tracks of different lengths:  a major in history with a minor in another discipline; or a major in history with a concentration in a particular area of history that has been agreed upon by the student and a history advisor. The History Program at WSSU has prepared graduates who have pursued graduate studies in history, divinity, law, and education.

Also available to history majors at WSSU is the option to explore non-teaching career opportunities in the applied history field. In Applied History I students are introduced to history professionals and potential jobs in museums, historic sites, archives, historic preservation, interpretation, management, and many other history-based occupations. Applied History II offers actual hands-on internships, working with history professionals at sites throughout the community.

The history cognate is committed to contributing an essential link in the liberal arts curriculum of Winston-Salem State University.  The undergraduate program in history provides an important knowledge base of history and introduces students to the skills of the professional historian.


  1. To provide the means for an understanding of historical development so students may become aware of the certainty of change and be prepared to meet it.
  2. To provide a solid background for those students who pursue teaching professions in both lower and higher education.
  3. To provide a general foundation for students who plan careers in professional fields outside of history.
  4. To prepare students for graduate training in history.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Command of historical content
  2. Conduct historical research
  3. Think critically and analyze documents and artifacts
  4. Recognize and evaluate primary and secondary sources
  5. Create historical arguments with sufficient and appropriate evidence
  6. Utilize multiple perspectives and methodologies
  7. Compare and contrast historical processes 
  8. Identify connections between historical events 
Requirements for a Major Program in History

Students majoring in history are expected to take a variety of history courses at the lower (1000, 2000) and upper (3000, 4000) levels. They should have made at least a “C” in one of the 1000 level courses before taking upper level courses. There are two options for students pursuing a general degree in history, either Option (1) 21 hours of 3000/4000 level history courses and a minor, or Option (2) 39 hours of upper division history with a concentration of study agreed upon by the student and a history advisor. History majors must earn at least a grade of “C” in all history courses to be counted towards the major requirements.  Students are also expected to have taken a variety of courses in general education to support their development in the liberal arts. These include a course in philosophy, geography, sociology, and psychology. Students should also take POS 2311 and another political science course at the 3000 or 4000 level. Students who wish to go on to graduate programs in history are advised to attain a proficiency in a language in addition to English, but that is not required for the undergraduate degree.

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