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Not an Ocean Between Us: Voices of Women from Africa and the African Diaspora


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Not an ocean Between UsExamined the state of society from the perspective of the Black woman, seeking to depict the courage and collective power that black women globally have harnessed through their art-their ultimate voice in the world.

May 30, 2006-March 17, 2007

The exhibit offered a glimpse into the global black female identity through the work of Black women artists from around the world. While women of Africa and the African Diaspora are separated by geographic, socio-economic and cultural disparities, as women, they share more similarities than differences. The works in this exhibit explored a wide variety of issues common to all black women, such as race, gender, and identity.

The women featured in this exhibit have the unique ability to intertwine the relationship between the human condition, imagination, consciousness and vision. They strive to liberate the world of limiting conditions and beliefs affecting women while striving to gain control over their own image. Collectively, they create greater awareness of the issues many women face and spark a dialogue that lends itself to increased access to a more prosperous economic, political, social and spiritual future for all women.

Featured Artists:

Camille Billops (U.S.) Nagla Ezzat (Egypt) Sira Sissoko (Mali)
Zoë Charlton (U.S ) Peju Layiwola (Nigeria) Shinique Smith (U.S.)
Magdalena Campos-Pons (Cuba) T. Lukhele (Tanzania) Eunice Wadu (Kenya)
Chandra Cox (U.S.) Mary Moeng (South Africa) Kara Wlaker (U.S.)
Raki Dianka (Senegal) Alison Saar (U.S.) Joyce Wellman (U.S.) ..
Mona El-Bayoumi (Egypt) Lorna Simpson (U.S.) And more...

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