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Not an ocean Between UsDiggs Gallery celebrated its 15th anniversary with dual exhibits recognizing James Thackeray Diggs: A Life of Art and James Gordon Hanes: A Legacy of Giving. The exhibits features selected works from the permanent collection of the gallery as donated by the renowned philanthropist Gordon Hanes and artwork by Professor James T. Diggs, for whom the gallery is named. Gordon Hanes had long envisioned an African American art museum and named it for his friend, Professor Diggs.

October 1, 2005 - December 17, 2005

From the permanent collection of works donated to Diggs Gallery by Gordon Hanes, this unique selection included etchings and lithographs by 39 internationally known artists and printmakers such as John Taylor Arms, Hans Sebald Beham, William Blake, Auguste Brouet, Honore Daumier, Eugene Delarcroix, William Scott, John R. Souter, Jan van de Velde, James McNiel Whistler, Tom Hammond, Ferdinand Leger, Juan Miro, Robert Rauchenberg, Jackques Lipshitz, Luis Cruz Azaceta, Robert Mangold, Vijay Cemins, Guilliaume Azoulay, Robert Motherwill as well as many others.

The gallery also featured 35 selected works by its namesake, James T. Diggs, Jr., better known as "T." Professor Diggs and his family are a strong component of Winston-Salem as well as Winston-Salem State University. Professor Diggs was a philosopher, educator and artist who always stressed the importance of pure art. "Art is a means of expressing, creating, doing your own thing, and being liberated." This was his philosophy for 45 years, so much so that he practiced what he preached; designed the buildings of WSSU's campus, enjoying the company of his colleagues, being surrounded by students looking for a better technique, and producing drawings, prints and paintings for pleasure.

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