General Education Professional and Supplemental Advisors

In addition to faculty advisors, the university provides staff that serves as professional and supplemental advisors.  These advisors support both faculty advisors and students.  Professional advisors are knowledgeable about student development, the general education curriculum, and academic policies and procedures.  They are charged with supporting faculty advisors, following student progress, making sure that students take care of business, and making sure that students are aware of and use support resources.  The Dean of University College works with all advisors to ensure clarity about the roles each advisor group plays. 

Professional Advisors

Each new student who enters with less than 60 hours is assigned a professional advisor from the university’s Academic Advising Center in University College.  This advisor assists the faculty advisor in helping the student make progress through the curriculum.  They assist students with identifying academic and other support services and with navigating business processes (including registration and validation) at the university.  They monitor academic progress (including mid-term and final grades; registered, attempted and earned hours; financial aid satisfactory progress; and Ram Alerts), of students and serve as a resource and backup for the faculty advisor.  Professional advisors are introduced to their students during orientation and work with students and faculty to ensure that students get registered and settled into classes.    

Professional advisors also work with transfer students to make sure that they understand how to find their academic advisor and access electronic records and registration systems. 

Supplemental Advisors

Students who are in programs such as the Honor’s Program, STEM Scholars, Athletics, International Scholars, Distance Learning, and Evening and Weekend may also be assigned additional advisors to help them understand and navigate the requirements of the programs/scholarships and/or access services the programs offer.  These advisors work in conjunction with the faculty and Advising Center advisors to ensure that students understand and are successful in their academic goals and in meeting program goals.

Two professional programs, nursing and education have a secondary admission process for the major.  Advisors from these programs work with students to make sure that they take the necessary pre-requisite courses, take advantage of special support services, and meet the other requirements required to apply to the programs.  Pre-education advisors are located in the Teacher Education Advisement and Partnership (TEAP) Center that is associated with the School of Education and Human Performance.  Pre-professional advice for those considering a major in health sciences can be obtained through the Dean of Health Sciences office. 

Staff in Career Services is also available to help students locate internships and prepare for work.

Advising Collectives for Freshmen and Sophomores

Advising Collectives are composed of groups of faculty who are advising pre-majors from major programs with similar pre-requisite requirements.  Each Collective is supported by at least two professional advisors. 

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