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Fran Bates Oates

Position: Elementary Education Program Coordinator Department: Education

Contact Info

Office: Anderson Conference Center, Room 242E Phone: 336-750-8655 Fax: 336-750-2892


When it comes to excellence in liberal arts and technology education, Winston-Salem State University proudly boasts a long legacy of providing quality academic programs at the baccalaureate and master’s levels. Winston-Salem Slater State University was rewarded by the General Assembly of North Carolina in 1925 the recognition as the first black institution in the United States to grant elementary education degrees.

It is this same academic excellence that I want each and every student in my class at Winston-Salem State University to achieve. By the end of the semester my students can depend on me to facilitate both their academic and personal growth. When they enter my class to learn, they will depart ready to use what they learned to effectively serve as teacher candidate. I am an alumni of Winston-Salem State University. I entered to learn how to become an outstanding educator and I am back again to facilitate that same teacher preparation that WSSU gave me.