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Advanced Nurse Educator (ANE) Certification

Lolita Chappel-Aiken

Lolita Chappel-Aiken, Ed.D.
ANE Coordinator
Division of Nursing

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Administrative Assistant
Marion Wilson

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Program Description

The ANE Certificate Program in Nursing Education will prepare advanced practice nurses who have already earned a MSN in a specialty field and need additional training to practice as a nurse educator. The Certificate will integrate theories, evidence-based teaching, and teaching-learning strategies in the education of staff, students, health care professionals, clients, and communities across the lifespan.

This program will respond to current needs of an intense nursing faculty shortage in the local, regional, and state level. As the need for new nurses grows, the supply of nurses qualified with advanced nursing degrees to prepare new nurses is declining. Currently the mean ages of associate and assistant professors are 52 and 49 respectively. Faculty retirements will escalate as the "baby boomers" age. In 2001 the American Association of Colleges of Nursing conducted a survey and reported that 60% of the 410 baccalaureate nursing programs who responded denied admission to students due to lack of adequate faculty resources. Thirty-five percent of qualified candidates were turned away from these schools because of insufficient nursing faculty. Ironically, growing numbers of students will seek to enter nursing programs as high school graduates of baby boomers peak in number in 2008. Students will achieve the same competencies, objectives and outcome learning and specialty courses as it is in for Master of Science in Nursing Advanced Nurse Educator curriculum.

* ANE will only accept applications into the program for Fall semester.

Plan of Study
Post Master’s Advanced Nurse Educator (ANE) Certificate Courses
NUR 6511 Advanced Health Assessment & Diagnostic Reasoning 5
NUR 6310 Advanced Pathophysiology 3
NUR 6312 Advanced Pharmacology 3
ANE - Specialty Courses
NUR 6220 Education Theories 2
NUR 6305 Evaluation Methods in Nursing Education 3
NUR 6307 Advanced Nursing Technologies 3
NUR 6328 Curriculum & Instruction 3
NUR 6344 Practicum in Nursing Education 3
NUR 6245 Education Residency 2

Total Credits: 27 this includes 240 Supervised Practicum

Students will be evaluated on an individual bases. Students who have completed the advanced core courses are required to register only for the Nurse Educator specialty courses.

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