Fieldwork Scenes

Level II

Car Fit

Community Car Fit

Developed in collaboration with the American Automobile Association (AAA), AARP, and the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), CarFit utilizes a 12-point checklist to evaluate the physical fit between a driver and their car. This includes evaluating and making recommendations for seat and mirror adjustments. Community resources are provided to participants, and
adaptive equipment for driving is demonstrated as needed.

Fall PreventionFall Prevention

The fall prevention program is designed to educate older adults on how to prevent falls in their every day lives. Statistics show that every 15 minutes an older adult visits the Emergency Room for fall related injuries. This program provides information for older adults on how to make homes safer, proper attire, and exercises to prevent falls.  This program is implemented in faith-based organizations that target centers for senior services.


Pediatrics is designed to provide students with multiple learning experiences in a variety of pediatrics settings. Students are assigned to schools, private clinics, and hospitals to observe and apply what they are learning in the pediatric interventions course.  The community based pediatric experiences address the developmental needs of children and adolescences that range from preschool to high school. Other experiences address sensory motor development, the development of hand skills and pre hand writing skills, and increasing awareness of backpack safety. 

Mental Health/Community

WSSU's Mobile Clinic provides free health screening to underserved populations in the Winston-Salem areas. Starting the Fall semester of 2013, 2nd year OT students provide mental health screening at the mobile clinic. Screeners include depression, alcohol use, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and suicide. Under faculty supervision, OT students conduct a preliminary interview with patients for screening eligibility, perform mental health screening, provide onsite psychological support and occupational therapy consultation as needed. Mental health screening is a good addition to the mobile clinic's service. OT students gain substantial experience interacting with patients and exposure to mental health service


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