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The purpose of the RSA Scholars Program is to increase the number of qualified rehabilitation counselors with specialized training in rural vocational rehabilitation counseling, working with deaf and hard of hearing population and school to work population. The RSA Scholars Program consist of three Rehabilitation Services grants for Department of Education: vocational rural rehabilitation (60 credit masters in rehabilitation counseling emphasis on VR public sector), deaf and hard hearing (60 credit masters in rehabilitation counseling emphasis on deaf and hearing), transition (60 credit masters in rehabilitation counseling with emphasis on transition).

Program components include: (1) a scholarship program to provide incentives for individuals pursuing employment with vocational rehabilitation as rehabilitation counselors in rural vocational rehabilitation setting (RSA Rural), deaf and hard of hearing (RSA Deaf), or working with transition population; (2) knowledge and skills specific to rural rehabilitation counseling, deaf and hard of hearing, or transition in State agencies; (3) required practicum/internship in a state vocational rehabilitation setting in rural VR setting, deaf or hard of hearing caseload, or transition caseload; and (4) knowledge and skills specific to working individual who are deaf and hard of hearing (RSA Deaf), transition population or rural vocational rehabilitation clients.

All coursework and program options will be available in distance education format with scholarship options for both in-state and out-of-state students. The recruitment program targets (1) employees of vocational rehabilitation who require a master’s degree to enhance their skills and to advance their careers within the public vocational rehabilitation sector in areas of rural VR, deaf and hard of hearing or transition and (2) undergraduate seniors or (3) individuals who are interested in working with persons with severe disabilities in rural vocational rehabilitation setting, deaf and hard of hearing, transition.   

The scholars program has been established to provide scholarships and stipends to support students who make a commitment to working for state vocational rehabilitation agency or vendor of state vocational rehabilitation. This financial aid component covers all tuition and provides an additional monthly stipend for full-time students to assist with other expenses and travel allowances to conferences. The tuition, stipend, and travel amounts based on the amount of funds available from the RSA grants. All scholarship recipients are required to fill out a FASA form to receive any tuition.

Scholarship recipients are required to fulfill employment obligation or payback the received support for rural vocational rehabilitation and deaf and hard of hearing options. The employment obligation entails working in a state vocational rehabilitation agencies or approved state vocational rehabilitation vendor serving individuals with severe disabilities who live in rural area, deaf and hard of hearing population, or working with transition caseload. Scholarship recipients on Deaf and Rural VR grant will serve two years working for VR for each academic year of support was received.  

Lastly, the Rehabilitation Counseling Program is increasing the availability of coursework through distance education modalities to make the program more accessible to workers already residing in rural areas, enabling them to enhance their qualifications for working with persons with disabilities. Activities are centered on the use of the Internet, which minimizes cost and maximizes accessibility.

Rehabilitation Service Administration Manual

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