Real Men Teach Induction

General Information

Real Men Teach (RMT) was created to meet the need resulting from a record low number of male teachers, a decline in student test scores, and increased dropout and suspension rates in NC and throughout the country.  These occurrences are most prevalent among minority male students. 

Some of the support services provided to RMT protégés include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Personal professional development workshops, seminars, conferences on such topics as dispositions, professional appearance, and diversity
  • Regular organizational meetings to discuss educational trends, important events for teacher education majors, and collaboration with other teacher education candidates
  • Professional male mentorship pairings  
  • Vouchers for required course textbooks
  • Stipends for state-mandated examinations for admission to the teacher education program and for teacher licensure

Throughout their membership in the program, members have access to professionals who understand and are able to articulate university policies and academic requirements, have access to current information about campus and community resources, and have broad experiences in the field of education.  These services and resources assist members in acquiring the knowledge, professional skills, and dispositions that are required of highly effective teachers.

The program generates a high level of interest among prospective members, professional mentors, corporate partners, and program supporters.  Each year since its inception, RMT has increased its membership; it seeks male teacher education candidates and prospective majors who are serious about their education and committed to a future career as a classroom teacher or in some other role within the education profession.   

In addition to the supports listed above, members are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities inside and outside of the program's offerings.  Many of the members have studied abroad, traveled both nationally and internationally, participated in educational leadership colloquia, accepted leadership positions in education-related organizations, attended the inauguration of President Obama, visited other school systems in and out-of state, and speak at professional conferences.

Although the main focus of the RMT program is to reverse the all-time low number of male teachers and teacher leaders, program activities and initiatives address issues and concerns regarding male students in P-12 schools in general.  It is the goal of RMT to reach more young men and help them achieve their dream of becoming teachers and teacher leaders, which will lead to an increase in the number of male teachers in the classroom and in educational leadership roles.  The increased presence of male teachers in schools is critical due to the positive impact they have on male students and affirmative residual effects they have on the performance of female students.  Real Men Teach represents "The New Wave of Teacher Leaders"!  Please visit the links to photographs and video clips to see a snapshot of RMT participants and activities.  Contact us if you have questions or would like additional information.   

Membership Requirements

In order to be considered for membership and to maintain full academic membership, candidates must:

  • be  enrolled at Winston-Salem State University,
  • have a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.50,
  • have completed at least one semester at WSSU prior to submitting application,
  • be seeking a teacher licensure for the first time, and
  • participate in program-related activities.



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